Snob Magazine Art Direction 2007-2012clients: Snob Media

Snob was a magazine made for Global Russians, a big group of wealthy people which is vastly spread all over the world in a diffrent countries, but still saving Russian identity, talk and think in Russian.

The initial design idea was to give the reader some tactile features, that is lack in digital world. So each issue was sold in a special paper-case with tear-off opener

For the first few years, each issue began with city-columns, printed on an bulky offset paper with index die-cuts, which was used for navigation inside columns block.

Columns block was illustrated with hand-drawn illustrations rather then photographs.

While creating every section of the magazine we paid a close attention to the typography, which is based on a Conqueror font by Yuri Gordon and Valery Golyzhenkov, and Futura by Paratype. Both fonts lived well together, allowing us to make some bold typography compositions and patterns for each feature.

The structure of the magazine was not classic with front-of-the-book and back-of-the-book sections. It was rather a surprise every time: no standard formats or permanent sections. Each time there was a 10-15 long reads, a photo-novell, and some literature forms – either previews of a recently released novells, or essays and stories written especially for Snob. We had so much various content that we decided to make some extra-covers under the main cover of the magazine.

We worked with award-winning artists and photographers from all over the world.