New SchoolIdentity

'New School' is obviously a new educational project. The principles of the school is new eduction practices, freedom of expression, ethics and communicative skills. The identity of the 'New School' is based upon a Golden Ratio and Fibonacci progression and spiral.

Breakup of the logotype - structure, form, texture, colour and font

Black and white logotype usage on flyers

Page placement

The logotype can be deconstructed and reconstructed into various forms. This constructor can be used to create a logotype for each of the school's educational field, so it can be distinguished from others, and still be a part of the project.

Logotype usage in applications

Paper cup for school canteen

Sketchbooks for geography and design and art

Example of a logotype for biology classroom

School notebook

Badge for geography after classes

Example various stationary items - notebooks, blanks, business cards, etc.

Example of logotype and patterns in interior design