Branding for Ponaroshku – the Best Toy Store in Mosowclients: Ponaroshku

'Ponaroshku' in Russian means 'not really, for fun, in pretence'. When kids are playing like they are pilots or doctors they often say this word. 'Ponaroshku' store sells ecological and safe wooden, cloth and metal toys from all over the world. The main value of the brand is kids' happiness, toys quality and style. It is better to buy one good and smart toy, than many dull and poor quality.

Creative Director: Vera Dorofeeva
Art Director: Ilya Baranov
Lettering: Nastya Bakhchina
Interior wooden works: Oleg Zayarsky

Frontage works: Natalia Gritsenko

Logotype. Letters were handdrawn by Nastya Bakhchina.

All the sales persons in the store worn t-shirts with shadow images

Logotype and branding elements are used on a variety of media. Here are some flyers with discount.

We created the gift-cards, using the button symbol from logotype.


Here is the frontage of the store. The store is located in the center of the city, near the Pushkin Square. The store was opened in an old building, that was build in the end of XIX century.

We were dreaming of illustrating the frontage of the Ponaroshku toy store. We made some sketches and then called our friend artist Natalia Gritsenko, who made our sketches real.

At first, we were not able to place a real signboard on the frontage due to the official affairs, so we asked Natalia to draw the logotype on the wall, right above the door

We also asked our fellow type-artist Igor Mustaev to make a chalk-board lettering for the shop


The interior of this store refers to small European shops and cafes. Our task was to create an interior, that would be cozy and neat, and that would make a special experience for the customers. We brought many small details — like old vynil turntable (which is playing old 60-s records), swings, lamps and other little things.

The interior of the store was made by our friend artist Oleg Zayarsky.

Each small customer can swing here, while the big customers arrange the purchase

The cashier stand was made from real antique factory trolley.

A peek inside from the street